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    5 Terrific Indian Blues Bands To Soothe Your Soul And Your Ears


    November 29, 2016

    The easy-listening and strangely rhythmical musical genre is slowly on the up rise in the musical arena of the nation. Blues is a genre that comprises of melodious and swift transitions between musical notes and is often associated with the hidden gloominess of person’s mood.


    Saxophones are one of the main instruments in Blues music


    There are bands coming together from all parts of the country and experimenting with this genre while delivering great musical pieces as a result. These songs not only make you appreciate God for creating music in the world but also these musicians for developing such immensely tranquillising songs that de-stress every unrest in your mind.

    So here you go, 5 terrific Indian bands which have redefined Blues in the country:

    1. Soulmate

    Started by Rudy Wallang (guitar/vocals/songwriter) and Tipriti ‘TIPS’ Kharbangar (vocals/guitar) in Shillong, Soulmate is one of the pioneer Blues bands from India. Their song ‘Set Me Free’ is no short of exquisite song writing and brilliant composition. Stitched with several arpeggios, Soulmate is a definite try for those with a knack for groovy blues.

    1. Soul’d Out

    Soul’d Out is a relatively new blues band from Delhi started by Abhijit Sood (Drums), Bhaanu Mendiratta (Guitars), Chetan Awasthi (Vocals),Sajal Sharma (Bass) and Abhay Sharma (Saxophone). Their song, ‘Coming Home’ is a beautiful musical piece with a slow and sedating background track in motion that has a very distinct and calming sound.

    1. Big Bang Blues

    Another Delhi band that has slightly more inclination towards Rock combined with Blues. Big Bang Blues has a variety of genres intermixed with Blues and is comprised of five people – Sushant Thakur (Guitars/Slide), Ipshita Roy (Vocals), Shivam Khare (Keyboards), Rahul Rai (Bass), and Adhiraj Mustafi (Drums). Their song ‘Easy’ is sure to cheer you up with its accented beats and music.

    Blues Legends

    Blues Legends


    1. Smokestack

    Named after the extremely popular Blues song ‘Smokestack Lightening’ by the band Howling Wolf, this Pune based Blues band does quite the justice to its name. Amongst one of the most renowned blues bands from India, Smokestack started off with an acoustic-only sound to later moving on to a full-fledged electronic sound. Currently, the band comprises of Anoop Kumar (Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitar), Michael Thompson (Harmonica), Vishal Gore (Vocals, Bass, Electric/Acoustic Guitar), Shreyas Iyengar( Drums, Percussion) and Vidula Andromeda (Vocals, Harmonica).

    1. The Blues Conscience

    Hailing from Chennai, this contemporary Blues-rock band serves you a feel good music with their on point suited-up act. Their sets usually comprise of cover songs of legendary Blues artists but they never forget to add in their own touch to the sound. This sassy Blues band was founded by Anek Ahuja (Vocals / Bass), Aum Janakiram  (Vocals / Guitars), Neil Smith (Drums) , Sid Kumar (Keys) and Maarten Vsiser  (Saxophone).

    So now that you have got yourself a tailored list of blues bands to check out, how about you start surfing? And, let us know how much you agreed with our list right down in the comments or you could snapchat us on – economydecoded.

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