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    Meet The Most Underrated Hip-Hop Artist Right Now


    November 21, 2016

    This is Deca

    Chances are you haven’t heard of this dude before. Matter of fact, you didn’t know if this was a dude or a lady. That’s understandable, there are just so many good artists out there right now. Now if the Billboard Top 40 is the only thing you jam to, then you definitely missed out on Deca.

    Deca - Rapper from New York

    Deca’s newest album “Forest Agates” has been on repeat on my Spotify since it came out this week.

    A bit about Deca

    Coming from New York, Deca actually grew up in Denver and started rapping when he was 12. Apparently, his brother was his muse who introduced him to the ever so great Nas and De La Soul back in the day. That’s how he got started.

    Apart from being a phenomenal musician, Deca is actually a producer, painter, and a graffiti artist. You’ll quickly realize this when you watch the following.

    OMG. Deca is truly the most slept on rapper out here right now. He is incredibly talented, but sadly so very underrated and unknown. This needs to change. He has that different edge to his style. Besides boasting powerful 16s, his artistic skills are off the charts. He has exactly what hip-hop is missing right now. Oh and on top of that, he produces his own music.

    He is actually one of the best hip-hop lyricists. No joke. Chances are you haven’t heard of him because he isn’t really churning out mumblerap like everybody else right now. No commercial rap=no radio play=no publicity.

    Forest Agates

    Deca’s latest album just came earlier this week. Titled “Forest Agates”, this is Deca’s fifth album. While Forest Agates is mostly an instrumental album, don’t let it phase you. This first of a two-parter project has some of the most beautiful interludes I’ve ever heard.

    “This album is dedicated to my brother Danny,” Deca tells DX. “I can probably trace everything I do musically back to the ‘El Segundo’ single he had when we were kids. He introduced me to art, Hip Hop and just about everything else I’m into. He introduced me to agates about 10 years ago and I’ve built up a small collection since then”.

    Bottom-line: Deca’s anti-mainstream attitude and deep, introspective lyricism is what draws me to his music. His emotionally raw and smooth flow is breath of fresh air in the industry. I hope he takes off quick.

    If you are looking to check him out, here are some favorites, listed in no particular order.

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