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    Denial Of Sanitary Napkins To Women Inmates Makes Life Hell For Them In Jails (Video)


    March 14, 2017

    By Saumya Tiwari

    The plight of women increases more as and when they are declared outcast. Being a woman only adds to the problems that they face. Menstruation, instead of a normal biological process has become a curse on their lives.

    There is still a section of women that feminist icons are yet to talk about – female inmates.

    This video clearly explains the innumerable problems that women face inside prisons.

    It is high time now that the authorities acknowledge the fact female inmates’ requirement for tampons, pads and other menstrual products is not a luxury but a necessity.

    The Indian prisons system, especially the Tihar Jail is continuously alleged to be overcrowded and has now come to limelight for ill-treating its female inmates. These inmates complain of being treated badly, asked to perform odd jobs, hit when they refuse to do a particular chore and above all, denied proper supply of menstrual products.

    This affects not only their health but also challenges their dignity. Women inside the cell can’t do anything but feel helpless. Denial of sanitary products to women only shows that the state effectively uses the weapon of “womanhood” to inflict wounds.

    Maybe Swachch Bharat Abhiyan should try to shed light in these dungeons too.

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