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    You’re Sexist And Racist! And You Don’t Even Know It


    March 7, 2017

    By Shubhani Syal

    In a world that is so fast and where we are exposed to so much information everyday, you would think we would know when we’re being racist and/or sexist and rectify it. But that’s not the case. Whether in the form of jokes or stereotypes, we’ve being conditioned to be prejudiced.

    It’s embedded in our thinking, our everyday comments. Whether a general comment, or said for helping women be “safe”, an advice or maybe trying to compliment someone, we’re saying inappropriate things every day.

    So here are some things we say without even realising that we’re being racist and/or sexist. Keep a tally of how many of these you’ve said to check out your prejudice score!



    Racism knows no state boundaries


    Okay your honour


    Dark is not beautiful? Try a dark chocolate



    Be a lady and kick him in the balls


    Did you also issue her a license for that?


    Because Punjabis are born with a bottle


    Be like chotu


    Wo kutta nhi, tommy hai


    Hope I made you uncomfortable with this series.

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