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About Us

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to ED!

We are a Generalist Online Youth Media group of the quirky-est bloggers you’ll meet in a decade, who believe in doing smart and intelligent stories. Stories spiced with a pinch of humour, a dash of sarcasm, and oodles of spunk.


In a chaotic digital world of paid media, sensational press and mindless content, ED is your rest stop.

Read, Refuel, Relax.

Read our stuff, we assure you, you will keep coming back for more… Much like a Penguin on Father’s day. Okay, we may not be very good at figures of speech. But if there is a penguin dad out there giving a tigress daughter away at her wedding, we’ll brief you about it.

Better than anyone.

This is where you find Wit with Wisdom. We never do just a regular blog post.
We rack our brains hard enough to come up with novel, crazy and fun ways of bringing a story to you… with styles never been done before.


Our aim is not only to write for your pleasure, but also for your sensibility. In stark contrast to mindless media flooding the internet, which satiates the need for entertainment but does not add value to the intellect, we want to imbibe substance in everything we write about.


Most of the content that is available on the web today is

– Extreme, be it sensational or mindless


– Biased, be it technical or serious.


This presses the need for SMART & QUIRKY content for today’s youth, which would in turn help them form informed opinions on things that ACTUALLY matter.

This is critical, since the youth is more connected than ever to issues that matter to them as well to the community at large.


ED attempts to cater to this need for intelligent content, and top it with dollops of fun!

We strongly believes that if serious issues are presented in a witty/quirky format, then millennials can be made to change their content consumption habits into something worthwhile, thus making our society an informed one, beating the popular herd mentality and dangers of half knowledge.


We are one of you. We feel you.

We bloggers are from the exact age group as our target audience and share similar needs, aspirations, likes, and dislikes.

We are the millennials.

We are here to blog about the things We, you and me, are passionate about.

So, if you like cat videos, you’ll love us. If you don’t like cat videos, you’ll still love us.

Also, ED is something you should have in your life.

Like Nutella. So yum.

Our platforms:

ED’s Blog: www.economydecoded.com

ED’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/economydecoded

ED’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/economydecoded

ED’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ed_youthblog/

ED’s Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/ED-The-Youth-Blog-Economy-Decoded

ED’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/economy-decoded

We are on Apple News too.

Other smart people also think alike…



Poster Credits: Nadiminti Sarvani, Sahib Singh, Angana Shah and Grant Hutchinson.

+ Brilliant Brinda Sen!